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  • If you want to see someone but feel you can’t afford a lengthy treatment.
  • If you have trouble with therapist’s office hours and “fitting it in.”
  • If you value your anonymity.
  • If you have had help before that hasn’t worked.
  • If you are in therapy now and want a complementary program to work on with your therapist.

Get concrete strategies to change your life for the better.

The 3 most powerful therapy techniques today:  CBT, Mindfulness, Self-Change, all integrated into the 8 Steps to Becoming You program.  CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is a scientifically proven and widely used therapy method.  Take simple, revealing and effective steps in this 8 week program to improve your mood, your confidence, your relationships, and your health.  Practice mindfulness and self-care strategies that put the “you” back in your life.

Do all your sessions in the privacy of your home on your own schedule.



Whose life are you living?

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"All women can benefit from therapy, particularly when life takes a rough turn, when relationships are challenging or when a woman feels disconnected to what she really wants and needs."


Laurie Marsden is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist with undergraduate and graduate degrees from Columbia University. From her research and professional clinical experience she found that women share common core issues and developed the 8 Steps to Becoming You program to tackle those issues.


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