Wellbeing Starts on the Inside

Address the problem not the symptom

“When a woman comes to therapy, she may be depressed or anxious or have relationship issues.  But when you begin working together you realize she doesn’t know who she is anymore, she is out of touch with her feelings, she doesn’t communicate her needs well, she can’t draw good boundaries in relationship and she is not taking care of herself.  She might even be physically ill.  These are the core issues women have.  And those are the exact issues the 8 Steps to Becoming You program helps fix.”   Laurie Marsden, LCSW

8 Steps or Sessions, All Self-paced.

A 95 page workbook beautifully designed with your personal therapy exercises and worksheets. 

46 videos by Laurie Marsden who talks you through the material and explains topics covered in the workbook.

A members‘ community board for sharing experiences and learning from other women.


The 8 Steps Are:

  • Step 1:  Self Awareness & Identity
  • Step 2:  Thoughts & Feelings
  • Step 3:  Communication & Assertiveness
  • Step 4:  Relationships & Boundaries
  • Step 5:  Getting through Tough Times
  • Step 6:  Sexuality & Body Image
  • Step 7:  Health & Relaxation
  • Step 8:  Appearance & Presentation

Objectives of the 8 Steps to Becoming You Program

  1. Increase self-awareness with a focus on positive qualities, commitments and goals
  2. Improve ability to identify emotional states, express feelings and think positively.
  3. Increase effective self-expression and assertive behavior.
  4. Develop healthier relationships in all of your circles of connection.
  5. Increase ability to deal with difficult life events.
  6. Cultivate healthy diet and exercise habits as well as ability to deal with stress.
  7. Embrace a positive and affirming sexual life and cultivate good body image.
  8. Create habits around looking and feeling your best.

Work at your own pace through on demand videos. Download the program and work on the 8 Steps while kicking back and taking some time out for yourself. Leverage the success of your peers via our exclusive membership forum. Sounds a bit daunting? It’s not! The program is easy to follow and easy to understand.

The 8 Steps to Becoming You is

Accessible: via the internet and able to be done in your own home

Achievable: broken down into digestible sections

Affordable: 8 sessions for less than the cost of 3 copays

Anonymous:  you won’t run into anyone in the waiting room.  There is none!

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