Free Sample Exercises from 8 Steps to Becoming You


As women we struggle with body image, being overworked, often under appreciated and feeling like we have to keep all of our emotions internalized. Sometimes we get to the point where we explode and let it all out. Other times we approach situations by how we think the other person will react, editing ourselves and therefore not being honest with ourselves or others. My 8 Steps to Becoming You program is designed to give you a head start in overcoming challenging situations by providing you with exercises that encourage self respect, confidence, and applicable communication skills.

In these example exercises you will be guided through:

  • Identifying your positive traits, what you love about yourself and what is unique and special about you
  • An understanding of why appreciating yourself is important to your overall success and happiness
  • The 3 styles of relating that we all use in our everyday communications
  • Identifying how you relate to different people in different situations

The example exercises represent a glimpse into what you will uncover in the 8 Step to Becoming You program. I am sure you are going to find them interesting and helpful!

By filling in the form to the right, you will be provided with a PDF of each example exercise and videos that guide you. I can’t wait for you to try the exercises in this program. There’s nothing like a little focus on you!

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