tired-of-being-perfectAre your standards high and your expectations many?  Do you want only the best and have a hard time settling for anything that is not perfect?  Have you noticed this limits you as partners never seem to live up to your list and you yourself can fall short of your own high bar?

Many women feel this need to be perfect.  Some deal with outside pressure (a mom, a partner) whose critical eye is always cast their way.  Others are affected by the culture we live in where idealized images of people and lifestyles are everywhere.  But this tyranny of perfectionism does not serve women well.  Studies show that perfectionism is linked with stress, low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders.  There’s nothing ideal or perfect about that!

You can let go of the need to be superwoman. Starting to chip away at this mindset is as simple as stepping back from the situation and challenging your thoughts, or putting boundaries around people who push you in unhealthy ways.  Learn how to have a balanced realistic view of your life.

The 8 Steps to Becoming You program helps you create a life for yourself that is affirming, positive and open to possibilities.  The workbook and videos help you to identify thoughts and behavior patterns that keep you locked in “must do” mode.  It gives you the tools to revamp your life and helps you feel confident, centered and healthy!