balance-work-and-family-lifeAre you flat out trying to balance your work and your family life? Do you end your days exhausted and wonder when you will ever get some time for yourself? Have you let your body get out of shape and find all those little things you used to do for yourself (the hairdresser, the spa, the gym) are less and less frequent? Would you like to find a new spark in your marriage?

You are not alone. Women balancing family and career are under time pressures and often struggle to be the best moms while meeting work requirements and expectations. Research shows that a woman still does 3 times as many household duties as a man, even when she works outside the home. You may feel resigned that you just have to accept this life you have, but you don’t.

Real, achievable positive changes are waiting for you. Don’t try to find more time for you after everyone else is taken care of. That never works! The key is to look after your needs in big and small ways throughout the day, to put yourself in the equation of your life.

The 8 Steps to Becoming You program focuses you on your own feelings, thoughts, needs and wants. It then gives you communication and relationship strategies to help get those needs met. Taking care of yourself becomes an integral part of your day, not an afterthought. Become a less stressed happier you, and your family, partner and work will all benefit too!