How to Overcome Perfectionism and Get Things Done

Striving to be perfect is something almost all of us struggle with and try to justify in our own lives. Some women openly admit to being a perfectionist. Others are less obvious, but show characteristics of perfectionism. For example, you may have said things like “I like things a certain way” or “I just need to fix or change a few more things until it’s done”. As women, we need to be cautious of this because if we strive to be “perfect” we could be standing in our own way of achieving our goals.

In the video below, I talk a bit about my own experience with overcoming perfectionism:

Have you ever been in a situation like that at work, school, or home? If so, just remember to take my professor’s advice:

“Don’t get it perfect. Get it done.”

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4 Responses to “How to Overcome Perfectionism and Get Things Done”

  1. Therese Eddy

    So good to this up and running Laurie. Congratulations, Am looking forward to lots of conversation and reflections.

    • Laurie Marsden

      Thank you Therese. This blog post is a great one to launch the site with too. In fact if I was a slave to perfectionism I could never have gotten the website finished. Perfectionism is a trap and being able to let go of it really does allow you to achieve your goals. I too look forward to lots of great dialogue with women!!!! Laurie

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