Robin Williams & Mental Health Today

robin williams

I met a very quiet Robin Williams in New York in 1981 in my modeling agent’s apartment. He stopped by with a woman he was dating but barely said a word or made much eye contact. “Shy” was a word that came to my mind during our brief encounter. This was at the beginning of his success and throughout the years I have watched him grow as an artist and a force of comedic genius. I always tried to reconcile the man I met with the man in the limelight. I always assumed he was just “not working” when I saw him. But I wonder now…. That was many years ago and I have since moved on in my life and career. I am now a clinical social worker in New York working in mental health as a psychotherapist for 15 years. I did a video today on my thoughts about Robin Williams & mental health today. Let’s start the discussion. What do we need to do as a society to make mental illness less stigmatized?

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