Mary Ellen Roche , former Director of Leadership Development, AT&T

As someone who actively pursues personal growth and learning life lessons, I benefitted from Laurie Marsden’s program – 8 Steps to Becoming You.

Becoming who we are is a life-long and often arduous process. And there are always others to care for, so many things on our to do list, etc. Yet, we know that we give and do our best for others when we are at our best.

Each bite-sized piece of Laurie’s program is meaningful, and when taken together constitute the essential elements of a fully evolved woman. It was a gift to pause and examine who I am and aspire to be through this holistic approach. I realized that I was not paying attention to some important aspects of myself and subsequently committed to doing so in meaningful ways.

Laurie wisely organizes this program so you can complete it in small bites, when you have the time, and by the end you have a complete life review. This is a gift to give yourself and, thereby, everyone around you. Becoming our selves takes a lifetime. This roadmap helps you get ‘there’ more expediently by asking the right questions and inviting you to reflect on who you are and who you’re going to choose to be.”

Paula Wigan , Counsellor, Department of Veteran Affairs

I had the privilege of working with Laurie Marsden for a number of years, at the Veteran and Veteran Families Counselling Service in Brisbane. Laurie was well respected by colleagues, and clients of the service. Laurie’s combination of a sharp clinical mind coupled with a nurturing, accepting sensitivity to client needs added to her excellence as a counsellor. Laurie built solid relationships with clients with a focus on trust, respect, rapport, and gentle nurturance through the complex psychotherapy process. I was fortunate to inherit a number of Laurie’s clients when she left the service. They always spoke highly of her as a therapist, commenting on her understanding, warmth, rapport and compassion.

Laurie always worked in a highly professional ethical manner. My colleagues and I always valued Laurie’s insights when discussing and assessing client needs.

Marlene Clarke , CA, CISA, Internal Audit Manager, CS Energy

I have known Laurie for over 10 years and during this time Laurie has had a strong passion for issues concerning women, especially in the areas of self-improvement and self-worth. Laurie and I have shared many an intellectual and emotional discussion about these topics. During our long friendship she has provided me with much needed practical and down to earth advice. I have also witnessed first-hand Laurie’s ability to graciously handle situations which would make most people (me included) fall apart. She has an amazing strength of character and an unquestionable conviction and belief in her work. Her blog and program will definitely empower any woman who follows it!

Caroline Sarraf , Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Brown Harris Stevens of the Hamptons

The 8 steps to Becoming You program was for me, a safe place where I could look at things that were not working in my life.  At the same time I discovered a real gratitude about who I am and my personal and professional accomplishments.

When I started the course work with Laurie Marsden, I realized the normal “catch-up” with girlfriends was insufficient to resolve the bigger issues in my life.  The course enabled me to really focus on who I am, where I am, and where I want to go.

Laurie’s approach was very comforting and enabled me to find my “truth” within. Her questions set me on a journey, which clarified for me my deepest thoughts. The questions and exercises in the workbook forced me to take notice of my own strengths and focus my energy to take challenges.  I left behind all judgment and self-criticism.

I participated in The 8 Steps to Becoming You during a pivotal turning point in my life.   It was a wonderful and positive experience for me.

Charles Kellam , LCSW-R Clinical Supervisor. Upper Manhattan Mental Health Center. New York, NY

I was Laurie Marsden’s first field supervisor and her first clinical supervisor when she became a full-fledged professional. What first impressed me was her willingness to stay with hard feelings and join with a person’s strengths, strengths they may not have even known they had. This opened her clients up to the possibility of making a truly deep connection that resulted not in dependence but in a personal flowering, finding that in themselves which would translate into true growth.

Dr. Samantha Bursnall , Clinical Psychologist, London, UK

Great to see this well established program is now available on-line allowing more women the opportunity to access its benefits. In the 15 years I have known Laurie, she has ‘walked the talk’ both professionally and personally, attesting to the power of self-reflection, self-respect, self awareness and being yourself. For women ready to become all they can be, there is no better role model to help guide them on their way.

Cheryl McIntyre , Former counselor Columbia University

Laurie and I met more than 16 years ago in my office at Columbia University. At that time, Laurie was transitioning from a successful career in the fashion industry and was embarking on a new phase in her life as a student and scholar. Laurie had a unique voice and her interest in women’s issues was evident even then. Her studies in Psychology focused her academic research on the development of the self and self esteem in women. Seeking practical applications for work with women led Laurie to also earn a Masters in Social Work degree. Laurie has spent years in clinical practice working with women individually and in groups; in the US and abroad. “8 Steps to Becoming You” is the culmination of all of Laurie’s personal and professional experiences as well as her deep and abiding commitment to helping women develop their best selves. It is indeed extraordinary to find your passion and turn that into your life’s work! Laurie has done just that and now is ready to share it all with you!

Carla O’Donoghue , Home Maker/Mother, Sag Harbor, NY

As a mother of three, taking time out for my “self” is a rare occasion! I mean when was the last time you really thought about what your strengths and weaknesses are; your likes and dislikes about yourself; things you would change if you could? Through her program, Laurie pushes you to recognize and accept (or not accept) that which makes you…”you.” It is an empowering tool that has the potential to be life changing in how you perceive yourself and the world around you. Take the time… it’s worth the investment!

Kate Hunter , Novelist and Contributing Editor of

It’s rare you meet someone in the crazy world of the ‘school-gate’ community who is as focused, friendly and insightful as Laurie Marsden. We came to know each other as the mothers of 5 year old daughters and realised we share a deep interest in what makes women tick … what makes them happy, energized and fulfilled?

As a writer, parent, partner and friend, I’ve learned a lot from Laurie’s calm wisdom and look forward to seeing other women benefit from her experience, knowledge and kindness. It’s a unique combination.

Greg Hodgson , Greg Hodgson and Associates , Clinical and Consulting Psychologists, Brisbane, Australia.

Laurie has worked with me when I was Deputy Director and Clinical Director of the Vietnam Veterans Counseling Service, in Australia, a few years back. Laurie was always dedicated and compassionate in her dealings with individuals experiencing difficult emotional times.

Her professional skills as a therapist were of a high standard and she was innovative and proactive in regards to conceptualizing the needs of various communities. She ran the 8 Steps to Becoming You for our female clients. It was well received and beneficial to those who participated.

Laurie is an affable, caring professional who connects with all who have the fortune to meet her.

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Leslie Handley-White , Joshua’s Place, Southampton, NY

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do the 8 Steps to Becoming You program by Laurie Marsden. I know Laurie and she is a kind-hearted, empathetic, and smart woman.  Her program offers insights into parts of ourselves we have never tapped into or perhaps, forgotten about. For me, taking the time and doing this for myself, was incredibly valuable. I highly recommend the 8 Steps to Becoming You to women who are looking to gain more awareness into themselves.

Helen Atkinson-Barnes , The Retreat, East Hampton, NY

I found the 8 Steps to Becoming You to be a wonderful opportunity to explore and reflect on those things that truly matter to me–as well as think about the steps I might take to achieve them.  I am grateful for Laurie’s guidance and the interesting and meaningful way she created a process that allows participants to dig into various aspects of their lives in creative ways.

Lorraine Woods , Mental Health Social Worker (Ret) Certified Imago Relationship Therapist BCNA Consumer Representative Secretary AIRTA

Laurie Marsden and I worked together as part of a multi- disciplinary team focused primarily on the mental health needs of war veterans and their families. During this time I found Ms. Marsden to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism.

Ms. Marsden is a highly experienced clinician. Her approach to her clients is professional, respectful and empathic. Because of this she is able to provide a positive environment for her clients which is conducive to successful client outcome.

Ms. Marsden is highly respected by both colleagues and clients. I have no doubts that Ms. Marsden will be effective in whatever her endeavor.

Diana Stone , Owner, Massage Hamptons NY

The 8 Steps to Becoming You is a well-rounded program.  It helps you see how your emotional state plays into your overall life. It explores how taking time for yourself, even in small amounts, feeds the productivity of home life and work.  It helps you identify goals, set time limits and focus on what’s realistic and achievable.

The workbook is something to carry and review often. It’s a great tool that brings you back into the self to see what’s going on and then perhaps make some adjustments. Sometimes these changes can be as easy as reframing your conversations so others can really hear what you are saying.

The program’s complete and realistic approach helps you to achieve your highest potential!!!

Leonie Young , Peer Support Coordinator, Kim Walters Choices Program, Wesley Hospital

The Kim Walters Choices Program (Choices) is a unique community service offering individual and group support and counselling, for women who have been affected by breast and gynaecological cancers and their families.

Laurie Marsden ran the 8 Steps to Becoming You seminar for our clients over a series of weekly sessions. This was one of the most well attended events and both written evaluations and personal testimonies by the women who attended confirmed how useful and valuable it was for them.

The participants’ responses to Laurie and her program were unanimous. These two statements sum up what everyone said – I thought there was something wrong with me until I recognised it was lack self esteem, Laurie really knows how to make everyone comfortable dealing with the matters discussed; and – A brilliant workshop relevant to how I am feeling; it’s a pity Laurie is returning to the USA.

We too were sad Laurie returned to the USA because we would have loved for her to come back and work with us more. We would highly recommend the 8 Steps to Becoming You.

Jean Winnie , LCSW-R

Laurie and I met back in 1997 during graduate school and became fast friends. I was chairing the Feminist Caucus for Columbia’s School of Social Work, and Laurie was an active member of the group. Laurie has always spoken of her commitment to working with and for the betterment of women, and has dedicated much of her career to doing just that.

Judi Barwick , Social Worker, Certified Imago Therapist, Gottman Trained

It gives me great pleasure and privilege to share with you the qualities of Laurie Marsden.  She is an AMAZING program designer and presenter and a wonderfully warm and generous professional.  Having worked with Laurie as a therapist / clinician and facilitator for a number of years, I have seen first hand the impact that she has on helping women change their lives.  I have seen the transformation of women’s self esteem, confidence and capacity to be assertive. I have witnessed and seen women empowered and taking charge of their lives in a very moving way. Laurie is a first class highly trained therapist and facilitator and will be able to support you in every possible way.

Terita Parkes , Home Lifestyle Engineer, Brisbane, Australia

I did The 8 Steps to Becoming You program and really enjoyed it.  I found it empowering and would recommend it to women who are time poor but still want to take stock of their life.  The program gave me some much needed ‘me time.’  The 8 Steps have definitely stayed with me over the years and both my personal and professional life has benefited from the experience.  The content of each of the  ‘8 Steps to Becoming You’ sections were not only relevant but easy to put into practice in everyday life, especially ‘Getting Through Tough Times’.